You ship wine to customers across town or around the globe.

You are proud to do so, but two issues are the utmost importance to your business:


+ The wine arrives safe and sound.
+ You can keep the cost down without sacrificing quality.

That’s the pledge we make at E.Beaver, as we’ve done for more than a decade. Here’s how we do it:


We create wine packaging materials and assemble them in ways that are second to none. Our goal is to live up to the standard of “unbreakable.”


We make deliveries with our own trucks. This reduces the cost of investing in large inventories of product and tying up working capital in the process

E.Beaver is happy to design and create custom packaging in addition to our ready to deliver options. You may find this to be a welcome addition to your holiday and special needs wine orders.

And we are delighted to provide you with free samples.